Work Summary:
Alyssa: Sales Manager
In the years that I worked at Superchips I gained an incredible amount of knowledge and experience regarding manufacturing in the automotive aftermarket. In my last position I was able to take advantage of an opportunity to work directly for one of the icons in the industry. I was the Executive Assistant to Rick Rollins who was VP of Sales for Superchips and the SEMA Chairman-Elect. Rick has also been accepted into the SEMA Hall of Fame.

My core responsibilities were preparing the Superchips Sales Team for conventions, conferences, and meetings. This required me to gather all pertinent information and compile a report or presentation for the event. The purpose of most of those reports was to present statistical data pertaining to accounts, marketing groups, channels of distribution and logistics in an easy to understand and meaningful format. Other Administrative duties included CO-OP claims, Stock Adjustments, Spiffs and warehouse promotions. I was also the main contact for warehouses and outside sales reps.

My ability to thrive in a fast paced environment had put me in the position to support outside sales, work with warehouse ordering, evaluate potential customers and supply the Rep agencies with the necessary support. It is the sales, products, and commissions reports as well as the pricing schedules that have allowed me to hone my focus on details, which I believe is one of my strongest assets and also motivated me to take part in Vicious Motorsports.

With the opportunity to be involved with a start up automotive aftermarket company I now plan on focusing more on the technical and ethical sides of the industry that can only be gained by working with a very small elite group of individuals like those that are part of Vicious Motorsports.

During these learning processes my main job with Vicious Motorsports is to make sure the customers are getting what they want, when they need it. Whether it is a custom written file, education on how to tune, a combination of parts, business consulting, parts and accessories, research and development I am personally dedicated to provide the best customer service. It is one of the top priorities of Vicious Motorsports to make sure that we provide exceptional service while being ethical, moral and maintain respect for ourselves and our customers.  Because of my years of experience, my keen eye for detail and my ability to be organized I know I can exceed all expectations.    

Personal Summary:
I am a 38 year old mother of 3 teenage boys, 2 dogs 1 cat and 1 bearded dragon. I am happily married to a car crazy maniac

Communication; organization; planning; data processing; training; detail oriented; report processing; lean principles; following up; issue resolution; logistics; developing relationships; unilateral pricing. Navision; Excel; Access; Outlook; Word; Power Point; Issue tracking; wiki; EDI.