Favorite Product

HP Tuner credits is our favorite product, the reason being is because it is a simply brilliant way to allow tuning at the most reasonable price. The way the credit system works is so simple that at first it seems difficult to understand. So here is the low down on how the credit system works: The credits are a way of granting permission for the interface to interact with the tuner and the vehicle.

There are 3 ways for the tuner to use credits:
  • License one vehicle at a time.
  • License a year model, all 2008 Mustangs for example.
  • And in some cases an unlimited group, all GM V8 GEN IV.

Once you license a single vehicle, that Engine Control Module (ECU) and the transmission controller can be tuned over and over again with out spending another dime. Add headers and re-tune it, a year later add a cold air intake and re-tune again, never use another credit and no more money needs to be spent once a vehicle is licensed unless you want to upgrade to speed density and get real time tuning.

If you’re a shop and you specialize in certain vehicles this is the most cost effective way to tune when considering all the products available today. For example, spend 12 credits once, and you can tune all the 07 V8 Mustangs that come in to your shop. Furthermore, you can purchase credits to license an unlimited Vehicle group. For example if you’re a shop that specializes in LS1’s and you turn around 1 or 2 tunes a week, you can buy the 30 credits to license all LS1’s. And by the way, we do offer some discounts based on how many credits you purchase. Basically the more you buy the deeper the discount.

By now you might be wondering "what if I didn’t realize that I was going to tune so many 07 Mustangs and have been licensing them individually but wish I had licensed the year model instead!?" That is the beauty of the credit system, you get to use 75% of the credits you already spent on single vehicles in a common year to license a specific year. For example if 3 weeks ago you spent 4 credits to license Joe’s 07 Mustang then 2 weeks ago you spent 4 more credits to license Tom’s 07 Mustang then a week ago you spent 4 more to licenses Bill’s 07 Mustang and now Sue wants hers tuned you will only need 3 to license her Mustang plus every 07 Mustang you ever tune again. This is because you put in 3 credits from Joe’s tune, 3 credits from Tom’s tune, 3 credits from Bill’s tune making a total of 9 credits and it takes 12 to license all 07’s so all you need now is 3 more to tune Sue’s and any other 07 Mustang. This also works for year/model upgrades to Unlimited Vehicle Groups where available.

Please check one of the most extensive supported vehicle list in the industry here.

The very best part about the deal is all you need is one HP Tuners suite and it can be a GM, Ford or Dodge and with this one inter face you can purchase credits to tune Ford, GM or Dodge. Credits are make specific and can not be returned under any circumstance. Please contact us for pricing because we do offer discounts, we also have very flexible hours so don’t hesitate to contact us with any and all questions. Thanks sales@viciousmotorsports.com.