Why Vicious Motorsports?

Our Mission is to supply performance solutions that do not compromise our ethics.
We at Vicious Motorsports know that the project is never done.  Instead, it is a series of iterations; some work well, others not so well.  It is our goal at Vicious Motorsports to help you choose the proper combination to break the vicious nature of finding the elusive combination of parts, and the tune that makes them all perform in concert.

Performance is a word that we take to heart.  Whether it is regarding our own vehicles, profession, or home life, we expect the best possible performance. We challenge ourselves to meet the highest standards in quality, resulting in stellar performance.

With 25 years of experience and over 30 years of enthusiasm in the racing and automotive after market we have seen many ups and downs. The most impressive being fuel injection and the ability to control vehicles with a PCM.  This is our specialization.  Because of the ethical issues that have been experienced with manufacturers, and the interest that investment companies have taken in the automotive aftermarket this business was started.  Vicious Motorsports will allow us to get back to our roots while growing the automotive aftermarket for not only the short term, but also for the long term.  We take the condition of this industry to heart not just because we are personal enthusiasts but because there is another generation of gear-heads following us, also developing the love of vehicles.  We want them to have an opportunity to develop a life long passion in the automotive aftermarket as well.     

The reality facing the industry is that the Air Resource Board and the Environmental Protection Agency will be policing our hobby more stringently than ever.  Air quality is a real issue, and many of the modified vehicles on the road do pollute when they don’t need to.  It is Vicious Motorsports vision that you will be able to be 100% street legal and emissions compliant, and still achieve your goals at the racetrack.  This concept is at the root of Vicious Motorsports motives.

Currently the products that Vicious Motorsports sells are mostly related to tuning vehicle computers. These products are necessary to alter the vehicle’s computers to achieve the power and drivability that you expect and are what is necessary to finish a project, and complete the vicious cycle. 

Not only do we offer parts, kits and tunes we also offer years of experience in our services that include consulting and R&D. We have the ability to take on research and development and the experience to consult on a huge verity of areas concerning the automotive industry. Another aspect that we will soon be offering is education because we believe that the highest level of quality includes knowing what you’re doing is ethical and moral on top off being the best. Initially the training will be for off road use, with the goal of offering on-road use as well.

We greatly appreciate you taking the time to visit our website. Please contact us with any questions, to share your enthusiasm or concerns you have with regards to Automotive Industry.