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Software Credits

Credits ordered online can take as long as 24 hours to process and no discounts are offered. Please call or e-mail us if you need them sooner or to find out about discounts and special offers.

This product only works with HP Tuners Pro or Standard interface. If you are purchasing an interface at this time and are purchasing more credits they will be included in your order. An application key will be emailed with your order of an HP Tuners interface including the 8 credits that come with the product and the extra credits you purchases.

If you purchase credits and are not purchasing an interface at this time or do not own an interface a refund will not be issued, the only way to redeem your credits and receive an application key is to purchase an HP Tuners Pro or Standard VCM suite, or provide us with a valid serial number. You can provide a valid interface serial number by checking the yes box.

Please remember that you will not be refunded if an incorrect serial number is entered. Thanks and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask, all sales on credits are final.

Price: $49.00

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