Order TCM Unlock Service – GM T87A
TCM Unlock Service – GM T87A

TCM Unlock Service
HP Tuners is proud to release limited tuning support for the T87A equipped 2017 GM 10-Speed transmissions in VCM Suite 3.5 beta.
This release provides the first and only 10-Speed transmission tuning solution for 2017 GM Vehicles.
Due to added complexity, the T87A TCM for the GM 10-speed needs to be individually licensed for 4 GM credits for tuning.

Please note, due to increased security, ALL T87A TCMs need to be unlocked via the GM Unlock service before they can be tuned. More information on this new process can be found below:

HP Tuners is proud to release a TCM Unlock service that enables tuning on 2017 T87A TCMs. The cost for the service is $200 and can be purchased through the Order Page near the bottom of the page.

Shipping Once ordered, please ship your TCM to the following address for unlock:

HP Tuners, LLC
701 Dartmouth Ln
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

Price: $199.00