Picture of Camaro on trailer Project Blog

Our current project is a 1967 Camaro that is being updated to meet today’s performance standards. This car is being designed to become a test bed for developing products and calibrations as well as being a showpiece for the company.

The Camaro will feature a 2005 LS6 and T56 Transmission with a Detroit Speed Quadralink rear suspension.

We are extremely excited to have this project underway and would love to hear your ideas and input throughout the project, so please feel free to email them to us at sales@viciousmotorsports.com.

Favorite Products

HP Tuner credits is our favorite product, the reason being is because it is a simply brilliant way to allow tuning at the most reasonable price. The way the credit system works is so simple that at first it seems difficult to understand. So here is the low down on how the credit system works: The credits are a way of granting permission for the interface to interact with the tuner and the vehicle.

There are 3 ways for the tuner to use credits:

  • License one vehicle at a time.
  • License a year model, all 2008 Mustangs for example.
  • And in some cases an unlimited group, all GM V8 GEN IV.


The first Vicious Ride was also Vicious Motorsports very first customer. Javier is located in the heartland of Texas and has taken his new hobby to a new level. He is tuning cars for both his local friends in Texas and some in Mexico. It all started with his beloved F150. He has so proudly made all modifications to it personally including the tuning.


Alyssa: Sales Manager
In the years that I worked at Superchips I gained an incredible amount of knowledge and experience regarding manufacturing in the automotive aftermarket. In my last position I was able to take advantage of an opportunity to work directly for one of the icons in the industry. I was the Executive Assistant to Rick Rollins who was VP of Sales for Superchips and the SEMA Chairman-Elect. Rick has also been accepted into the SEMA Hall of Fame.